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* If the patient is not the main member and the main member’s scheme declines to fund the care in full or at all, the adult patient is legally liable for the full costs of the care received.

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BILLING POLICY TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND CONSULTATION FEES ARE PAYABLE ON COMPLETION OF THE CONSULTATION. It remains the responsibility of the patient to settle outstanding amounts that are not covered by the medical aid for consultations, consumables and procedures.. ACCEPTED METHODS OF PAYMENT: CASH, EFT, CREDIT / DEBIT CARD For all account queries contact Salome: +27 21 762 7295 +27 74 168 5437 / First Consultation is R 950 (vat inclusive). Follow-up Consultation is R 650 (vat inclusive). Unscheduled / Emergency Consultation (applicable to in and out of hospital) is R 1100 (vat inclusive) There will be separate invoices from Dr van der Spuy, the hospital, anaesthetist, pathology, radiology etc. In-hospital costs for surgery procedures are at Discovery Classic Rates of 217% and 250% for other Medical Aids. International Rates are 300% MASA Rates. We are contracted in to Discovery Classic Plans only. A BMI (Body Mass Index) greater than 35 will be additionally charged for as it increases the risk of the procedure. It is the responsibility of the patient to contact their medical aid to obtain authorization. There is no charge for the consultation up to 4 weeks post surgery, however wound care items will be billed. If management by a hand therapist is required, the patient will be billed separately by the hand therapist. Compiling and drafting of medical reports is R1000 / 30 min (vat inclusive). Completion of PMA /Insurance forms is R560 (vat inclusive). Repeat scripts are R 160 (vat inclusive).

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I, the undersigned do hereby: Understand that the practice may charge fees in excess of my medical scheme’s rates, dependent on plan, benefits structure and current accepted medical scheme networks as stipulated in the above billing policy. Accept that I am fully responsible for payment of services rendered, and that, should I not pay timeously, additional debt recovery and / or legal costs will be generated for which I will be liable. Understand that diagnostic and procedural information (as well as any related photographs) related to my treatment may be utilised for practice statistical, research and / or teaching purposes. All such information will be dissociated from patient information and informed consent will be obtained by the practice if any of my information is required for clinical trials or research. I have the right to decline the taking of photography or the use of any images by the practice. Health and privacy legislation requires that we contractually agree to keep your information confidential. In this document we confirm this undertaking. Certain laws may however compel us to disclose your personal and health.information, such as laws that govern motor vehicle accidents, injuries and diseases that occur at your work, or claims to medical schemes. If you do not want us to release information to these entities, please let us know before you leave the practice. In those cases those entities will then not cover the costs of your care, or pay out other claims. You will then have to pay us directly for the services we have rendered. In all other cases we will require your written consent before releasing information to family members, your employer, insurance companies, etc. Kindly note that if your initial consultation or procedure was captured as private/medical aid on our system, we cannot change the claim to injury on duty after this. All amounts due will be the responsibility of the patient/main member of the medical aid. In this instance, the patient will then have to communicate with the Compensation Fund directly.

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