Hand or Whole Finger Amputation

Tetanus Toxoid Intravenous Antibiotics Posi Z-Splint (Position of Safe immobilisation Splint) Elevation of the Limb

Transport of Amputated Part of Hand

Initial Management

  1. Resuscitate the patient according to the ATLS principles.
  2. Tetanus prophylaxis.
  3. Intravenous prophylactic antibiotic (Cefazolin).
  4. Irrigate wounds with warm saline and cover with non-occlusive dressings.
  5. Immobilise the injured limb in POSI Z-splint.
  6. Maintain good circulation placing emphasis on keeping the patient warm, ensure optimal fluid resuscitation and good analgesia.
  7. Refer urgently to dedicated specialist unit.